Snack #9: The Gorilla & The Brains

I have a big gorilla tattoo on my shoulder blade. I didn't do it because I liked Plant of the apes or any other primate characters. I didn't know I was going to get it up until a day before I got it.

I was learning Zouk with my teachers Val and Vanessa in Rio, and Val was talking about getting a tattoo the next day. I mentioned I thought about getting a tattoo, but couldn't think of what to tattoo. He paid no attention to that last part and made an appointment for me with Carlos, another Zouk teacher, and an incredible artist.

I chose the gorilla because it's close to human, but more primal. I wanted it to convey emotion. I wanted it to be a symbol of some of the more intense emotions that I keep inside for no one to see, and I wanted it to look it it's "breaking out" of my body to express them. I wanted it on my chest.

A friend of mine suggested it would be very nice for any person that I'll get intimate with to stare at a gorilla. Valid