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Snack #53 - Arguing with "stupid people"

Arguing with stupid people betters humankind.

First, to explain what I’m talking about, we need to understand we have 2 kinds of stupid - “specific stupid”, and “generally stupid” (aka visibly stupid). Specific stupid means this person demonstrates stupidity in a subject, and not as a whole person. Generally stupid means they demonstrate overwhelming stupidity in all observable behavior.

All of this, by the way, is completely subjective - you might believe someone is stupid because YOU think they failed to understand something, but you might come to find out that you are the stupid one in that interaction. It is magical.

Defining stupidity - stupidity is willful ignorance. Being ignorant is totally ok because you don’t have the information, but once you have the information and fail to process it properly, you might become stupid.

Arguing with stupid people is the ultimate equalizer of humankind - as a kind, we are as strong as our weakest links, and we can’t make progress beyond a certain threshold. These arguments are nature’s way to make the smart a bit more stupid, and the stupid a bit smarter. I think if everybody stopped arguing, humanity will slowly separate and ultimately become divided and combative, fueled by anger and spite, on the way to extinction.

I think the last few years have been really bad in that sense, because we don’t really argue anymore. It’s ok to try to prove someone is wrong or stupid, as long as we can accept the possibility of losing, and we can learn from it. I think we only have the first part, and once someone doesn’t think like us, we are quick to “cancel” them. It certainly solves one problem, but creates another one - the original argument continues to linger and morph, and ultimately becomes so big that it’s irreconcilable.

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