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Snack #52 - Love

Isn’t love the most written-about thing in our little human universe?

Somehow, novels and rom-coms are still being produced and consumed, even if it seems that it’s just the same story on different variations, simply because love is everything that drives us (or, the lack of it).

I experience love intensely, very quickly to love but also quickly to let go of it. I don’t say “I love you” to my partner if I don’t feel it, and sometimes I’ll say it when I don’t feel it strongly, simply because I know that I do, even when I don’t feel it, and because I know how much it means to my loved one. That’s a form of love too, so I’m not breaking my rules.

Many forms of love and still so many of us seem to be looking for the same thing. What we look for is a feeling in ourselves, and not love as a separate thing. That feeling in ourselves isn’t really “love”, but of acceptance - we aspire to feel worthy of love, accepted into this club of loved ones, more than we actually want to feel love.

I’ll go further and say that if we could find a way to feel accepted the way we feel when we are loved, we would avoid love altogether, as it is so unstable. But then again, maybe unstable is what makes things more interesting, and maybe we are doing it all because if we have nothing, we are bored. Maybe the drive here is to avoid nothingness, more than to experience a specific something.

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