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Snack #46 - getting over it

When we go through a crisis all we wish for is for it to be over quickly. Under pressure and discomfort, we go to the animal mind - the animal that doesn’t think about anything but safety.

We want things to get better but the moment they do, we forget the lessons of that hardship, unless that hardship was really hard. And even then human memory is very, very short.

I hurt my back and ended up being in bed for about two weeks. This made me sad but produced some interesting lessons.

I used to wish to be able to just lay in bed and watch movies all day, and there I was, doing just that, and I got tired of it pretty quickly.

I wanted to take a break from working and there I was, on this intense break, and I didn’t want it anymore - I just wanted things to get better.

But the moment things started getting better, I started wishing I could rest again. What is this nonsense? Are we just doomed to want something else than what we have, constantly? I guess that’s just how it is. I am happy with where I am but also perpetually unhappy, and I probably have to have some level of unhappiness with what I have in order to constantly grow and change. Only discomfort powers change.

The dangers of stagnation and comfort is something we are blind to when we yearn for them, and the danger of overworking ourselves doesn’t exist when we are trapped in stagnation. It’s all a trap

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