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Snack #43: The Move & The Bulge

Oh, not that bulge - talking about my disc, the one in my spine.

We moved to a new place about a week ago, and stress built up like crazy over a period of 3 weeks, and culminated in 2 days where I packed and unpacked almost all of my things myself, trying to get that out of the way so I can help my partner move her stuff, and expedite the “nesting” in our new home.

The result - I wasn’t able to help at all during move day and had to rely on the help of very generous friends. I owe them big time.

I really don’t like to ask people to help me out, especially moving, but this time, I really needed the help, and I took them on their offers to help. It’s a tricky thing, cashing in on help because sometimes people offer help just trying to be polite but won’t actually invest their energy in helping. For that reason, I don’t always offer my help - I only offer it when I know I can actually be there.

Oh, but we were talking about a bulge - I don’t know if it’s a bulging disc yet, but symptoms say it might be, and I’m resting and not dancing, which is very frustrating, but it will pass. Whatever it is, I will deal with it.

In the meanwhile, I rest in bed and slowly nest into my new home, even though i want to nest faster. Some things take time I guess.

Here's a clip from a session with my friend David, in happier times

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