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Snack #38 - How to shape the world

I don't want to be successful and live in a world, that encourages the existence and continuity of the pain and sacrifice I endured to succeed.

The balance shifts between doing what needs to be done to succeed, whatever that means, and whether the things I do with success also align with the values I'd like to see in the world.

Like, I know it would be great to have lots of honesty in relationships, but also know that honesty cranked to 80% instead of 100% yields better relationships and results of anything, overall. It allows us to present the type of kindness that is half-truths, because telling people things directly might be good for efficiency in some aspects, but also makes people feel offended, at fault, and down, so in the long run, it ends up being much less efficient.

But man, wouldn't it be so easy to have things that way? The only way to change a social order is to just do it. If enough people do, it becomes the norm, but on the way there they will meet plenty of resistance, violent resistance.

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