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Snack #37 - No Ragrets

Most of us don't do one important thing. The culture of masters isn't very common, and rightfully so, since it's a crazy commitment of time and energy, we just want to experience the most "good things", and being a jack of all trades facilitates that.

Yet we get upset with ourselves when we don't constantly improve and reach new amazing places in our practices. The equation is simple - if you want to be really good at something, do it a lot and practice it intentionally - but when we decide to bail on our workout to go meet an old friend, we end up feeling uncomfortable the day after, and whining to ourselves that we don't feel good when we skip a workout.

It's all in choices. The key to love is to believe we are worthy of love, and the key to being content with our actions and having no regrets is to make conscious choices and take responsibility for them.

It's okay to not be a master of everything. We just have to decide That's how we want to approach life, deliberately

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