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Snack #35 - Good Bad People

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”

-Hanlon’s razor

Sometimes I wish bad things for people. I'm talking about times when someone cuts you in line or on the road. It's an emotional reaction, and it's very swift to rise. I find very soon after that I don't actually wish for bad things; my second reaction is to wish they drove better so that they don't endanger people's lives, and that's kind of my premise for the way I want to do things.

The old Tom inside me says I'm a softy; the norm where I grew up is to let your anger out in the form of swearing or other aggressions, and while I think it's important to let shit out, it's also important to understand it's not good for you to succumb to your primal urges all the time, nor is it productive.

I can go around everyday life and society feeling hate towards what I don't like, but it won't change anything. Extreme views and opinions and emotions are good only for their expression, not for action. It took me years to learn that succumbing to my urges is something that is worth regretting, and that's what I wish we could all practice more.

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