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Snack #29: Of-Balance, Part 3 - Accept or Surrender

“In my estimation, more misery has been created by reformers than by any other force in human history. Show me someone who says, "Something must be done!" and I will show you a head full of vicious intentions that have no other outlet. What we must strive for always! is to find the natural flow and go with it.”

Heretics of Dune

A lesson:

What do you call that feeling sometimes when you eat chips at 5 am watching something you don’t even feel like watching on Netflix, not giving a damn about things like life purpose or good habits?

Got me hard this week. I was on top of everything and then I wasn’t. The obvious reaction is to try to reset and fight it, but I don’t try that anymore. I let it pass through me and get it out of my system. Is it the best way to deal with it? I don’t know - but fighting it might not be the right way either.

To balance living with something but wanting change (acceptance) VS living something and giving up on changing it (surrender). Tonight I surrendered at the moment, but through that moved to acceptance - because I know I don’t want to stay in this forever.

We tend to confuse the two. Acceptance is good and surrender is bad…right? But Why? Why is change so good? Why do we need reform?

What is the problem with eating chips at 5am? Is this not the situation that the society I live in has cultivated? This level of safety where this is even possible??

The way to peace goes through acceptance, and sometimes even through surrender. Knowing which one might be the right battle. I think.

In this video - me on one of my ADP session long before I moved to Houston officially, feeling myself

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