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Snack #26: Freedom & inspirational quotes

I lived out of a suitcase for 4 years. If you don't put down roots, you can't experience the pain of uprooting.

When everything I owned fit into a car, I was living a life of freedom - at least a certain kind of freedom, since some freedoms can only be felt when you are grounded, and have a home. I decided to exchange it for a different kind of freedom, and every week I find that some of the freedoms I enjoyed disappeared, and other ones, that I haven't felt in a long time, appear.

The freedom to be myself, for example, feels different when I'm in a strange place with strangers, and when I'm around people I know, and care about. Stakes are higher, and that changes things, each person takes it differently.

What I'm trying to say can never gain a thing without losing another. Sometimes what you lose is useless, and sometimes it's useful and you'd like to keep both kinds of freedom, but life isn't like that.

Sometimes, we must give up who we are in order to become who we are supposed to be.

(And, yes, that is an inspirational quote - one of my favorites)

Video taken at RISE MVMT - super cool new studio where I'm building a crowd for locking classes. See me there Tuesdays 5.30pm

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