Snack #23: Thanks and memories

One person died and sent me on an emotional journey to find my meaning in life. Another person broke off a relationship with me, giving me a reason to move away from my home, all by myself.

One person answered a phone call at a Breakdance studio and told me to take hip hop as well, another person recommended I go to this weird club called "Bachata" because there are hot girls there you can dance with (later on, I found out it was the name of the dance, not the club).

A completely different person I met through Bachata told me that "Zouk is such a beautiful dance", even though they didn't dance I tried it. A person I met at the hip hop studio convinced me to go to Amsterdam to a hip hop competition and festival, where I decided I want to dance for life. A few months later, also in the Netherlands, multiple people helped me decide which dances I want to focus on.

A person told me I should come to LA to learn dance, then told me to stay. A person I met on a boat came with me to Brazil to lea