Snack #19: Stocks & Lunch Money

We want to be the best, all the time, if not at something then at least at who we are, but it's impossible. I just thought about it last week, as I had an amazing day, the best I had in weeks, after a stretch of travel that left me drained and disoriented for 2 weeks. I practiced all my habits, did a good amount of work, felt creative, and even physically felt good. The next day was a crash - it's not that I was depressed all of the sudden, but a change of mental state is rarely a switch, I found that it's more like a stock on the public market. You got a lot of ups and downs in the short term, but there's always some trend - going up, or going down.

At this point I recognized - this "crash" isn't indicative of a decline, it is what it is. I know and feel that the trend is going up. Right now I'm getting 1 or 2 good days a week, soon it will be 3 and 4, just like before. Life isn't a straight line, and it doesn't only curve up, and even if it does, it might curve down soon after. Don't be fooled by sudden movements and sharp changes - What is the trend?