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Project 999

Before COVID hit, Taylor Kinney and I were about to launch a series of workshops called "Dance is a language", developed based on my studies with Shabba-Doo, the Meisner technique, and research done at the Stanford Social Neuroscience Lab.

In short, it's about "everything but the dance itself"; We learn to see dance as a conversation, recognize emotions, and understand how they work, learn empathy towards ourselves and others, and many, many more things. Those workshops contain no dance technique, but do use dance and music as tools of learning.

The principals aren't new - there are many dance instructors in all styles that talk about these things; but as someone that always had difficulties in social settings, and was truly transformed behaviorally by dance, I look at things from an anthropological/scientific angle.

Long story short, I like to understand "why" and "how", even on the most "trivial" things in human behavior.

I want to share my findings and knowledge in that subject with you.

In "Project 999" I plan to write and publish simplified (yet accurate) articles about different topics, ranging from huge questions, such as the philosophy of "What is dance?" and up to specific exercises to better our empathy.

All articles will be under 999 words - that's under 5 minutes of average reading time. A part of this challenge is to uncover subjects that would otherwise stay hidden under a veil of academia lingo, and make them more accessible to everyone.

Stay tuned!

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