What is Dance?

My journey to explore dance as a means to learn empathy, and learn all the social aspects around dance, starts with the question: What is dance?

Let me tell you, there weren't quick answers.

I have learned from the Meisner Technique (more about that in the “About” page and a future article) that what is true about one art form is true of another. I believe it and see it in my own craft - the way I express myself in one art form spills into other art forms; lessons I learn in dance apply in making music. With that in mind, I decided to focus the scope of my research in this article on dance philosophy specifically.



1. To ease reading, I won't cite within the text. See resources at the end. A lot of what I write here is borrowed from different sources.

2. I am human, I might make mistakes. Be constructive if you have corrections!