Snack #6: Colors and Cats

A lesson from a Cat:

I live with 2 cats. One is an independent goddess of mischief and curiosity, and the other is an anxious scared cat, constantly asking for attention, or hiding. Seeing the cats grow up, it was clear that each had their own character, but it is even more interesting to see them grow up into their respective paths. The goddess balanced out, allowing herself to be pet, but the scared cat remains scared, hiding under couches, meowing, yowling, and scratching for his life at 5am for attention outside the bedroom door.

I really grew to not like that cat - I don't like to treat animals very differently from humans, and I treat the cats as roommates - taking that into consideration, he is the worst roommate that I could ask for. He isn't around for nice things, like petting and holding, and only around to consume resources, attention, and disturb my sleep...but is it under his control? I shouldn't be quick to judge. If people can be anxious for many reasons, and suffer from constant anxiety as I do in some periods of my life, why can't cats?