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Snack #50 - Meet yourself X10

We are narcissistic - we tend to connect to people who are similar to us because it’s easy to get to know them. Because they share so many qualities with us. The question arises - why would we want to connect with people who aren’t like us?

The obvious answer is - change. I believe we connect to people who represent our present qualities - look at your circle of friends and how much you hang with each of your close friends, and it will tell you the compound of your own personality.

What happens when we want to change? Change requires us to create new circles and meet new people, and those people might not be like us - so we tend to connect to people who have some of our qualities, and perhaps even people who have been in a similar position to us. Sort of “this is how I could look if I was better”.

So maybe we always will be looking for something similar, and slowly find “gateway people” to become better people.

Or - just move away from everything and everyone, and go to where you want to be. That one will be very lonely and painful, and confusing, but is sure to teach you lessons that gradual learning won’t teach.

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