Snack #5 - The Nomad and Track D007

A human lesson:

I've been moving every 2-4 weeks to a completely new house, in a new state. Both my "home" and social/cultural environment are in a shift. I used to like traveling more, but I've realized how much stimuli this creates in my life, stimuli that overwhelm my systems sometimes, and prevents me from being more present with the things I want to be present with. A couple of months ago I had a crazy month - I lived in 5 places in one month: 2 places in Cali, 1 in NYC, 1 in Utah, and a night in Las Vegas. It was so much for me that at the end of that month, it seemed like it has been 2 or 3 months long, and that meant that every experience I went through kind of got "pushed back". Whatever happened last week was now 3 weeks ago, and who can remember that.

When we go through a lot, we don't have the mental capacity to appreciate the smaller things. We start taking certain things for granted to be able to deal with other, more energy-consuming things (usually the new things in our lives). I think this also applies to dance somehow, something about the more moves we make, the less we appreciate the simple things, like touch and connection.