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Snack #49 - Between old and new

This major life change of environment and habits, caused by moving to a new place and by being injured and immobile for many weeks, brought valuable perspective - something needs to change, and I’m not going to be doing exactly what I’ve been doing before. It becomes easy to see what not to do, but figuring out what I should do remains a weird, long, hard process.

I really don’t know.

One of the main things I had to practice is patience - which has always been one of my top things to work on, and that patience is now telling me to wait. For what? Not sure, but I’m feeling something happening and I decided to submit to the “flow of life” for a bit, and just allow life to happen, as I observe it.

No rush to act - observe and learn, recognize the patterns.

I’m investing in rebuilding and reinforcing my work and life approaches. Some of it is remembering lost lessons, some is acquiring new viewpoints.

I will try and follow a set of principles I’ve chosen, and see where it gets me. I will flow and observe, for now, until I recognize the pattern, and then I’ll be able to act with the same conviction I had before - or a different one.

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