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Snack #45 - Pushing the tempo

What is the appropriate pace to live?

I think all of us feel sometimes that “it’s going to be great once I finish this thing” feeling. I know it’s not a healthy mindset because it is a never-ending cycle, but I still find myself in it in non-obvious ways.

My life seems to be going in 6 month cycles - every January and July something BIG changes in my life. This has been the case for as far as I can remember - either moving to a new country, starting a life-changing journey or completely melting down - something big happens.

And still I find myself saying - “ok, after I settle in this spot/routine/situation, things will go smoother” - but by the time I get comfortable, 6 months pass, and another big change hits. The cards are shuffled constantly.

I just realized that maybe that’s just the standard pace of life (or at least, my life). Maybe I should just get used to it, because in the past I chose to have a fast-paced life, and now that I try to be more balanced, it doesn’t seem to change the pace much - only my sense of control over it.

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