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Snack #30: Home coming

I’ve really started to miss home, home was such a fluid idea for me, so let me just put this disclaimer that home might mean something different later. Right now, home is back in Israel with my family…but for the most part, it’s in Houston with my partner, friends, and community.

This last stretch, coming close to actually being there…oof. I can already taste the food and the smells of my mom’s cooking, and sense the impending doom every time I need to stand in line or drive a car.

See, aggression and conflict are part of the language in Israel. It is cultural - challenge and resistance are a part of our core social nutrition. I go back once in a while to rub some of that good stuff back on me since I get a different kind of resistance in the states, if any.

Chilling down from "battle mode communication" took a while but it’s still super useful in business and getting goals met. It is less valuable in interpersonal communication if the people you talk to don’t speak the same tones.

This has been a brief history of the stuff I’ve been working on since 2017, in addition to letting y’all know, that I love my people here and the place I made for myself. Still, I miss my mama and home - for me, that used to be an admission of failure in my past, since if I missed home I admit that I failed in my ventures, but I see things differently now.

Home is a dynamic term.

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