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Snack #25: Fake Path & Not-doing while dancing

What I keep thinking is the "faster" path to success, is never really faster. I sprint to achievement and then collapse - it's impossible to maintain a sprinting pace, while still remain human, and find time to "smell the roses".

The "Normal" way is too slow - but here lies the lie. Just because we can't feel progress, doesn't mean progress isn't happening. Our feelings constantly lie to us, perception is not to be trusted.

I know this because I teach dance that way, and sometimes, just because you aren't tensing a muscle, doesn't mean you aren't using it.

I find myself tensing more than I should, and I know it, but patterns on patterns of behavior and growth in my past are dictating the present. I break down, observe, understand what I can do better, and re-build - but human nature is stronger than that, and I tend to get sprinting again in no time.

So what I'm doing now is intentionally slowing myself down. Sometimes, the best way to practice (in dance as well) is to start over and do it really, really slow, to see where the issues are.

I also try to remember that those feelings are not obstacles that put me off the path. They are not obstacles I need to get through to get back on the right path, but they *are* the path.

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