Snack #17: The Wizard & The Cure for Fear

My session with Elijah was incredible. On our last day in Phoenix (which was a while ago) we found time to have 1 "Nourish" session. It started with an informed consent form, which only told me the boundaries of this session, but I didn't know what to expect really. After a few questions about where I was mentally, emotionally, and physically - we connected and started moving together. It wasn't Zouk or any specific form of dance, but just connecting and moving, while I close my eyes.

I was following him, but my mind was resisting the whole time, not understanding exactly what to do and just thinking "he's making me dance, but what's the point?" - but after a short while, I got perspective. I started feeling something, or rather be aware of what I was feeling underneath the surface. I came into the session in a mental fog, and that fog made it hard for me to understand how I feel.

Suddenly, being aware of being aware, I felt like not wanting to be moved. Being moved used to feel nice, and I was going with it for the whole first half of the session, but then at a certain point, I just realized it's not what I wanted to do anymore. Sometimes being moved, in all senses, does feel good - and sometimes it doesn't.