Snack #15: The Russian Preparation

In a book called "The art of pilgrimage", I was reading about someone preparing for a journey "the Russian way" - when they finished packing, all ready to go, they just sat there on their luggage for 30 minutes, preparing to leave with a clear mind. If they forgot something, it might pop up then. I also read about the importance of preparation - I like to prepare. Some people say it takes away from the experience.

If you allow space for unexpected and spontaneous things to happen, preparation doesn't take away from the experience, it actually amplifies it, like preparing for a sports match, or performing a disciplined tea ceremony.

Another person in the book prepared by meditating, running, and doing more yoga, and reflection, in the days before every journey, and took care of important tasks at work so that she wouldn't worry about them - thus embarking on a voyage with a clear mind.

Preparation doesn&#