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Snack #14: Bombs & Teachers

Bombs over Israel. This phrase is already triggering - to both Israelis that experienced it, and those who will say "but what about Palestine"? Funny, but those initial feelings are both related and completely unrelated to what my point is - emotion and empathy.

Regardless of each person's point of view and whose side is the "just" one (if there's such a thing at all), one can understand the feelings of caring for loved ones. Maybe even the feeling of caring about your home, whether it be the same country you're in or another.

I've heard this a lot last year, yet I never truly understood the phrase "hurting for the people". I mean, of course I did. In-group empathy is very strong. Even when not being hurt themselves, humans can (and will) feel pain with others. But there's that deep understanding one can only get through experience, which I did not possess when witnessing, for example, BLM protests, since I never lived as a black person in the USA.

But this conflict suddenly flared up all my emotions.

I felt like I reached a stage in empathic understanding - yes, I can hurt, be offended, be anxious, be happy, to extreme extents (and with a physical manifestation of some of those feelings on my side) with a group of people that is very far away.

A lesson I learned from a human:

I get frustrated when I explain something, and the person doesn't get it the same way I explained it. Through my sessions with people, in Zouk and ADP, I understand how we have different ways of communicating with each other. I can't expect people to behave or accept things the same way I accept them - unless I thoroughly communicated it. You know what - even then, I can't expect people that aren't me, to understand the way I work and operate, with no faults. Hell, even I read myself wrong many times, how could others know me better than myself? How could I be upset when that doesn't happen?


This is a repetition exercise where we just repeat one action again and again, until it inspires us to do something.

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