Snack #13: The Arcade Dance Battle & WW2

Arcades are every boy's dream. I went out to a bar that had an array of old games, including DDR (I sucked. Badly) then I found myself, for the first time in forever, in a dance battle. It was a chance to practice (not train, but just do what I have been training) authentic dancing in front of a crowd and in a club.

I never looked at it that way before, but it was refreshing. Although out of shape and facing an amazing dancer, I did feel very present, and I was aware when I lost my groove and my connection because I lost the crowd's attention. It was a mind-opening experience. I now realize that freestylers and street dancers practice authentic dance all the time, we just don't break it down or are aware of all the nerdy aspects that I've been working on unders