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Snack #12: Mama's Food & Emotions

Food is love. I cooked a big Israeli meal, with Schnitzel, Mujadara, homemade hummus, and potatoes, to a couple of dear friends of mine. I kept loading their plates with food and made sure they were fed well. I told them to not wait for me to finish cooking and eat it while it's hot - never understood the selfishness of some cooks. Aren't you cooking for the people to enjoy? Why wait until it's cold??

Anyway, I finally understood my mom. I would get mad when she would "take care of me too much", but I now understand the joy of caretaking, especially with food. Food is love for me, and cooking intentionally for others, intending to give joy, gave me joy. It was a first but would not be the last.

Oh, and the food was amazing. I was proud of that too.

A lesson from humans:

Before that meal, after months of doing authentic dance practices over zoom, I finally met with two of my dearest friends, an awesome couple, and we had a couples session in person.

Oh my God. The energy, the intensity, the connection, were all 50% above the levels I was used to from the online sessions. Sure, ADP is the only session I would do online because you could still read people, and feel the energy, through the screen - but it was a totally different experience.

In a world where the internet and machines are taking over different aspects of life, I appreciate the ability to feel with other people, to experience human connection and empathy, to witness emotions. I sound super hippie, I know, but I love it.

In this video - I am feeling silly and fun, connecting mostly to my body, not much emotion.

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