Snack #10: Time Travel & Mondays

After teaching in Phoenix, pouring 2 hours of heart into an "Emotion:Uncensored" workshop and countless hours of prep beforehand, there was a social. I was pumped, excited - this was the first social since COVID hit, still masked, but super energetic and highly anticipated.

Then, after 1 hour, I was done. I wanted to go home and sleep, not see any people, definitely not dance. I was extremely sensitive from the workshop - which made us all open up - but also just lacked the stamina to connect and dance with people for long, even though I wanted to.

I noticed that time flew by fast while teaching, but at the social, time was on slow-mo. 20 minutes seemed like 90, and each minute around all these stimuli was draining my energy. It was a truly strange experience, to feel time move this slow, especially in a scenario where I'm supposed to be having fun.

Time and the perception of it showed me how much energy we sometimes exude when interacting with people continuously, and how it's a skill to practice like anything else, to become comfortable with.