Snack #11: Dad & The Parking Spot

My dad was just a person. Not a better person, definitely not a Saint or a sage. He was a person who was afraid to take responsibility, who indulged in the good in life and ran away from the bad.

I learned that he never helped out with neither me nor my brother when we were babies, never changed a diaper, and was home late from work every night. It's funny how we idolize our parents and keep it up until we are grown, just because they are the first people we know, and therefore set an example for the rest. Yesterday I finally had that epiphany - my parents are only people. With that being said, my parents taught me some of the most important lessons in the life I live today. My dad introduced me to the music I love nowadays, and in his death, sent me on a pilgrimage to pursue happiness, whatever that means.

I'm in debt for that lesson, and as for the rest, I can just say that...I understand. I don't understand people that well, or at least I think I don't, but I do understand. And with that understanding and acceptance, comes letting my dad's image and person off the pedestal - he was a person, he taught me things, is it any different than the others in my life since then?