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Our mission at Sotaki is to use dance as a language to enable connection – dance becomes the glue for our community.  We believe that being around people who care and want to connect with others is key to enjoying dance, and life.  Now, more than ever, we could all use a little more fun, more play, more empathy, and more connection.


Want to help us grow the community?  Join the mission as a Community Coordinator!


About the Role

As a Community Coordinator, you are part of the core volunteer team helping intentionally create opportunities for people in the community to connect. 

Fun and connection can also happen spontaneously, but planning and intention sure help… and it takes a village to raise a baby community! ☺ 


Community Coordinators may contribute in a variety of ways, and we want you to get involved in the way that most resonates with you. 

This may mean helping to plan fun events or field trips, contributing to building safe and inclusive dance spaces, planning and implementing ideas to welcome beginners, or organizing get-togethers to be present with one another.



  • Invest >4 hours a month in planning and executing projects related to community building and/or attending classes and practices to welcome beginners

  • Attend community team meetings and training

    • (Team meeting time doesn’t count toward the 4 hours)

  • Lead, or be a part of a leading team of an initiative/activity, at least once a month

Perks & Benefits!

Ultimately... the best perk is knowing that you are helping build a great community and making other people’s lives better.  That said, we appreciate you for wanting to give back, and we want to let you know by sharing some extra perks!

  • Zouk training – Access to free monthly specialty workshops on concepts and techniques, hosted just for Community Coordinators

  • Extra discount (25% off) on any privates

  • Free private if you attend/assist in 4 classes cumulative in a month (a full month of level 1 classes in at least 1 location) and help welcome beginner dancers

  • Free access to level 1 classes

  • Eternal glory (For real… you’ll always be known as a part of the founding team growing the community!)


About You

What makes a great community coordinator?  Mostly… someone who cares! ☺

You might have been involved in community leadership in the past and found it a meaningful way to give back, you may have experienced the power of a welcoming community in your life, or you may have wished for a warm, tightly knit community. 

As long as you care about other people and are willing to put effort into helping other people connect in meaningful ways, you’re a great candidate for the role.


Application Process

Yes… we’re serious about our fun, and there is a (hopefully fairly painless) application process. 

First, submit the application form on this page. Following your submission, we’ll have a 30 min interview and get you involved in a trial project to help us mutually determine if this is the right fit.​

Apply for the Community Coordinator role here!
What aspects of communiy building are you most interested in?
Have you been involved of any other communities?

Thanks for applying to help grow the community! We'll get back to you soon.

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